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ShortCast TV – Web content marketing for modern media, web video streaming social media content. We are a group of web geeks actors writers and creative people working on creating a new network for modern media. Our goal is to create new media short stories content for the web.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging opportunities for professional content writers, marketers, and contributors to submit authentic, original articles on topics that are relevant to our blog. We will also allow some guest posts for businesses to submit content articles on topics that are relevant to our blog and readers. We are looking to publish a variety of topics that people would be interested in reading. We are not looking for pushy sales techniques. Contact us to pitch your idea or story.



Social Media Perpetual Calendar

Social Media Perpetual Calendar Over the years, we have used many social media scheduling tools, some were online services, some were the old fashioned paper desk calendar, and then we got smart. We built our own method using Excel spreadsheets. We have created a social media perpetual calendar that we use with our clients and our own marketing. It helps to keep track of multiple properties and multiple campaigns all in one file. Use it to assign tasks to team members as well as keep track of roi. It helps track what to post, when to post and even the size requirements for different social media channels. Whether you plan seasonally or the full year, and even multiple year plans, an excel calendar helps keep everything organized. We had noticed that many of our clients had trouble planning farther out than one month in their marketing, but once we put [...]

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Nerd Nite Fargo – Just Start Episode Three

Nerd Nite Fargo - Just Start Episode Three Join us Wednesday, September 23 for the next episode of Just Start. Our guests will be Tracy Kurtz, Darby Miller, and Karen Glover from Nerd Nite Fargo, which is, in their words a bit like “the Discovery Channel with beer.” Subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss the show! Nerd Nite Fargo Third Monday of Every Month at 7:30PM Fargo Billiards and Gastropub 3234 43rd St S, Fargo, North Dakota. When you ask Darby Miller, Karen Glover and Tracy Kurtz why they started this chapter of Nerd Nite in Fargo, you’ll get virtually the same answer. (Watch the video to find out what this is…) And just in case you’re wondering, Nerd Nite Fargo is a monthly gathering of self proclaimed nerd and geeks at Fargo Billiards and Gastropub that is a little bit “like the Discovery [...]

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The Tell Fargo – Just Start Episode Two

The Tell Fargo - Just Start Episode Two In this episode of Just Start, we meet Laura Egland and John Andrick with The Tell, a juried story slam which is held monthly in Fargo and soon to be in a neighborhood near you. (Fast forward to about 2:45 - we forgot to switch the sound on :). Laura’s passion for storytelling, and more specifically listening to other’s stories, really arises from the realization that we all have experience in common. We can come together as community when we listen to other’s stories. It is both in the telling and in the listening that we see each other – truly SEE each other. We learn about the wonderful community that Fargo is that allowed something like the Tell to come to life. It is the friendliness of Fargo that, perhaps, was nurturing enough to allow strangers to stand up in front [...]

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Protosthetics Fargo – Just Start Episode One

Protosthetics Fargo - Just Start Episode One In this first episode of "Just Start" Lynette sits down with Cooper Bierscheid, co-founder of Protosthetics in Fargo, ND, which began as a senior engineering project and has transformed into a start-up that is receiving a lot of buzz and opportunities for growth. Our discussion covers many areas of business growth and marketing tactics as well as the hurdles a start-up has to go through to become successful. This new business, started by engineering students at NDSU, was really lucky to be funded initially by some highly competitive grants, as well as a very friendly tech start-up community. Cooper and his team have attracted support from the NDSU student body as well as the business community which enables them to have about 15 minds working on their project. Protosthetics is creating a low cost 3D printed prosthetic solution for people with missing limbs [...]

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Why Creating Free Videos Can Lead to Big Sales

Why Creating Free Videos Can Lead to Big Sales With the rise of YouTube came the rise of video content. These days, you can buy a cheap camera and have your videos online in no time at all. This opens a ton of doors for anyone who's willing to put in the work. Here are a few reasons why free videos can lead to big sales. Video is the most personal medium of them all Creating videos allows you to connect to your viewers in a very intimate way. Think about it. Instead of hiding behind a bunch of words, you’re out in the open and your viewers can put a face to a name. This openness causes people to feel like they know and trust you. And ultimately, that’s what’s going to lead to big sales: trust. Easier to convey emotions. When you use video, people can hear your [...]

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