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ShortCast TV – Web content marketing for modern media, web video streaming social media content. We are a group of web geeks actors writers and creative people working on creating a new network for modern media. Our goal is to create new media short stories content for the web.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging opportunities for professional content writers, marketers, and contributors to submit authentic, original articles on topics that are relevant to our blog. We will also allow some guest posts for businesses to submit content articles on topics that are relevant to our blog and readers. We are looking to publish a variety of topics that people would be interested in reading. We are not looking for pushy sales techniques. Contact us to pitch your idea or story.



Social Media Perpetual Calendar

Social Media Perpetual Calendar Over the years, we have used many social media scheduling tools, some were online services, some were the old fashioned paper desk calendar, and then we got smart. We built our own method using Excel spreadsheets. We have created a social media perpetual calendar that we use with our clients and our own marketing. It helps to keep track of multiple properties and multiple campaigns all in one file. Use it to assign tasks to team members as well as keep track of roi. It helps track what to post, when to post and even the size requirements for different social media channels. Whether you plan seasonally or the full year, and even multiple year plans, an excel calendar helps keep everything organized. We had noticed that many of our clients had trouble planning farther out than one month in their marketing, but once we put [...]

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Why Creating Free Videos Can Lead to Big Sales

Why Creating Free Videos Can Lead to Big Sales With the rise of YouTube came the rise of video content. These days, you can buy a cheap camera and have your videos online in no time at all. This opens a ton of doors for anyone who's willing to put in the work. Here are a few reasons why free videos can lead to big sales. Video is the most personal medium of them all Creating videos allows you to connect to your viewers in a very intimate way. Think about it. Instead of hiding behind a bunch of words, you’re out in the open and your viewers can put a face to a name. This openness causes people to feel like they know and trust you. And ultimately, that’s what’s going to lead to big sales: trust. Easier to convey emotions. When you use video, people can hear your [...]

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Awesome Free Tools for Image Creation

Awesome Free Tools for Image Creation Do you know that there are a number of amazing tools to choose from to create your original, eye-catching image? Whether in your website, blog, or social media posts, a text is more powerful when it is accompanied by a riveting image or picture. Why not spruce up your posts with images using tools that will not cost you a single penny? Here’s a list of free smart tools according to their categories. Pinterest Image Tools. Pinterest is a great social media platform for sharing images. 1. Pin It - If you are looking for an easy share image tool, then this is it. Just click the Pin It button, locate a board to pin the image to, write a narrative and you’re done. 2. - This site enables you to share an image of your website to Pinterest. You only need to [...]

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Why Offering Mp3 Downloads Helps Your Business

Why Offering Mp3 Downloads Helps Your Business You might have noticed that more and more people are offering a wide range of media on their websites. Some offer e-books, some offer video courses, others offer mp3 downloads. There is a goldmine of benefits from mp3 recordings for business. You take the relationship offline While blogging is a great way to create content, it also means people have to have access to a pc or tablet in order to read it. And while smartphones are everywhere these days, it’s not always that convenient. By providing an mp3 download, people can download your audio file and listen to it whenever they want to. They can listen to it while they’re commuting, while they’re doing menial tasks, or even while they’re out for a run.The big benefit is that even if they’re not visiting your website, you’re still being helpful and you’re still [...]

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Publishing Your Blog on LinkedIn

Publishing Your Blog on LinkedIn Trying to network on LinkedIn can be difficult if you do not stand out. Adding your blog posts to your profile can help you stand out and even build a relationship with people even before you ever have an interview with them. If you would like to integrate your business blog into your LinkedIn profile you have a few different options. Option 1 - Copy and paste your blog post into your LinkedIn profile. Log into your profile and open up your homepage. Simply, go to your website and copy and paste your post into the status update box. Before you post it be sure to link the article back to your blog in case your followers would like to read more blog posts on your website. You can do this by copying the URL of the article and adding it to the link box [...]

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